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   天游官网平台讯,This period of time, and I believe her hot already occupied the whole of the entertainment circle, a popular actress in 90 after her hot, with ultra high performance and amazing appearance, received a lot of people love and admiration.Yesterday, Dillon thermal micro movie "unexpected" hit on tencent video, is popular in the whole China, many people have to go to the Dillon heat of micro movie "unexpected", Dillon heat not only acting is superb, voice is also very tactfully moving, it seems Dillon hot and it was a versatile actress!

  I believe it is well known that to Dillon heat of micro movie "unexpected", will be on weibo propaganda Dillon hot bar micro movie, elegantly beautiful photo, really let the audience see the move does not open beautiful eyes.In the face of such many beautiful photos together, many fans have said: "which one really wants to bring as wallpaper, but only a mobile phone, so many photos can be how do ah."And now a lot of the brands of clothes are looking for dirihot ba to speak for, after all, dirithera really looks good in everything.On May 8, the "one thousand and one nights," starring deligheba, was successfully launched, and as the leading actress, deligheba was so beautiful that it was in everyone's heart.Not only that, that day, deligha retweeted a piece of video, 10 hours, and the praise had reached 130,000, and it was really for our dirizpah.As the smiling guardian of world smile day, the guardian is very much liked.I hope that the future of dirigeba will bring more amazing works. Dilraba

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