The Hulk broke the "Avengers 4 " subtitle

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   天游官网平台讯,"Avengers 4" won't be released until May 2019, and Marvel still keeps the news secret, leaving speculation circulating on the Internet, including subtitles, how the hero is leaving, and so on. Recently, Mark Ruffalo, the "Hulk," was suspected to have leaked the news, and asked the program to cut the clips. Mark Rufflow tweeted on the 5th, "Jimmy Fallon, I'm sure you'll cut off my stuff on the show tonight. It doesn't exist. Please don't let me get into trouble again. Private me." "Mark, you were fired," Russo Brothers, director of Avengers 4, replied then.

  Mark Rufflow's remarks, though seemingly propaganda, have aroused heated discussion among netizens. Someone laughed that he had been helping Avengers 4 marketing too early, and others hoped that the show would not cut the clips. Unexpectedly, in a later broadcast, Mark Rufflow responded to the host's question about the title of " Avengers 4." I think I can tell you, I think I've leaked it. The next title of the Alliance of Avengers is... Finally, it was unavoidable to be silenced, but the audience was in an uproar. In addition to the Twitter debate, many foreign media believe that Mark Rufflow is referring to the "Avengers: Annihilation," which has the meaning of "extinction" and has the same name as the Marvel comics released by Keith Giffen in 2006. Mark Rufflow's "false publicity" and the Russell Brothers'replies have made the news much more authentic, but it will have to wait until the official response confirms it.  The Hulk

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