"Thor" talk about childbearing experience

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   天游官网平台讯,Chris Hemsworth, who became a world-famous star because of "Thor", returned to his wife and children when he had no work itinerary, and recently said that he was "sick" of his wealth in an interview. He was worried that the three children would feel special because of their good family environment and fame from him and his wife, which was his greatest concern.

  Chris Heimsworth married Elsa Pataky for eight years. He had three lovely children and had a happy family life. When he was on the cover of GQ magazine, he received an exclusive interview. In the interview, he said his living conditions were not very good when he was a child. He still felt very uncomfortable when he could buy "good things" instead of saving money. Chris thought he has learned to be grateful and to work hard for what he wants. But his three children lived in a good environment all the time. "I don't want them to take everything for granted. I don't want them to lose that kind of fun, and my wife and I often share how valuable and hard it takes to get what we have. I don't want my children to think they have privileges. In addition, Chris Heimsworth revealed that his wealth or fame would affect the values of his children. "In fact, not only do we have money, but also their parents are celebrities, which makes them look special. I really worry about him when I grew up without money.

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