Fast and Furious: special action

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   天游官网平台讯,The annual action giant "Fast and Furious: Special Action", which was created by Universal Pictures, will land on the National Theater on August 23. Today, the film released the special character of Decat Shaw, and the elite agent Shaw played by Jason Statham is once again on the line. He has the super explosive power hidden under his suit, as if he can give the enemy a fatal blow at any time. This summer, Agent Shaw will stage a movie of pleasure and enmity!

  Shaw is an elegant man and a cold killer. With an authentic British fan plus a sleek and sophisticated suit, Shaw is a high-ranking elite. However, in his life, he is polite, but when he performs his duties, he is like a lion waking up. It is full of lethality. The dazzling and superb car skills make the adrenaline arrogant, and the sensitive skills make the trained thugs have no power. When it comes to the role of Shaw, Jason also said in the special edition: "Shaw is a person who treats things as black and white. If you stand at the wrong end, you should be careful." In this film, Shaw is a well-deserved racer. In Jason's words, "Shaw is a master driver." The "Fast and Furious" series has always been stimulating, and insists on real shots during the shooting. In addition, in order to present the most exciting car chase, there will be a series of unique and cool vehicles such as off-road vehicles, trucks and motorcycles, so that the audience can once again feel the thrill of the classic "Fast and Furious" series.  Fast and Furious

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