Jennifer Lopeci celebrated her fiance

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   天游官网平台讯,According to foreign media, Jennifer Lopez invited her fiancé Alex Rodriguez to the stage and made a surprise to him on a tour in Miami last Friday. She gave her fiancé a cake on the stage to celebrate his 44th birthday, and their children gathered together on the stage to sing a happy birthday song.

  On Saturday, Jennifer posted on social media: "You are a unique person. You are my peace in the storm. Thank you for making such a beautiful light in my life. I wish you a happy birthday." It is reported that the performance is over. After that, Jennifer and her fiancé, as well as their friends and family, had a great time. They were partying and dancing all night. On Friday, Alex also joked that he was very painful at the fiancee’s birthday party because of dancing: “I’m hurting because I danced all night, I don’t know how Jennifer did it. At her birthday party, I danced for about an hour and seven minutes, so that I can't get out of bed now." Previously, Alex Rodriguez wrote a lovely love letter to his wife on a personal social media. He wrote: "She (Jennifer) has been working too hard recently, but I am very happy that we can enjoy a short break before she puts in a new job. I love you, baby, I hope you continue to shine, fly Higher, motivate us all.” Everyone is no stranger to Rodriguez’s way of expressing love. He once used a $1 million engagement ring to surprise Lopez. This move also caused fans. Although the two had two children each in the previous marriage, they thought that this was not an obstacle, but rather they combined the driving force of engagement.  Jennifer Lopez

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