Xiao Zhan's conference is too "fair"

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   天游官网平台讯,In the past few days, the release of "Zhu Xian" has attracted a lot of attention. After all, there are a lot of popular actors in this work, which appear together in this work, but at this conference, there are A lot of interesting things happen. In this conference, Xiao Zhan and the two heroines appeared together at the press conference. In the press conference, some of the reactions of Xiao Zhan made everyone feel very funny. Many people are saying that the school stood in this conference and really did a bowl of water. You should know that for such public occasions, each of their actions will be followed by people who are constantly paying attention to the rear. Even if you have more interaction with one of the female lords, you may be rumored to be rumored.

  Maybe Xiao Zhan also noticed this problem, so at the beginning of the game, Xiao Zhan continued to interact with the two heroines around him, and this interaction is very interesting, and this sentence, then another With the same interaction, even in this conference, Xiao Zhan and the distance between the two people are very good. It seems that for this thing to gossip, Xiao Zhan may be really scared. Even the interaction at the press conference will pay special attention to it, and will keep the same frequency as these two people. I have to say that this kind of Xiao The battle is really cute, but I believe that everyone is very much looking forZhand to this work. Whether it is the lineup of actors or the subject matter of this work, everyone has always been concerned and liked. I believe everyone will look forZhand to working with Xiaobian. This work of "Zhu Xian" is released.  Xiao Zhan

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