Li Hao and Xue Zhiqian are together

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   天游官网平台讯,For the star values, I believe that everyone will not doubt, after all, many actors can have such a high popularity, not only rely on their own strength, but also rely on a good-looking or handsome face. But just a photo of Xue Zhiqian recently, but many fans began to doubt their eyes. However, this photo that everyone is paying attention to is not sent by Xue Zhiqian himself, but Li Hao, a good friend of Xue Zhiqian, is drying in Weibo. Originally, two people rarely met, and Li Hao said in this Weibo that it is rare to be able to get together, but Xue Zhiqian in this photo is too conspicuous, but his conspicuous Not because of the value of the two of them, but because Xue Zhiqian seems to have some surprises in this photo.

  Xue Zhiqian’s face value has always been very resistant in the circle. Even the sneak shot value is not bad, but in this photo, Xue Zhiqian is full of light and even has a feeling of over makeup. Many people have said that Lao Xue is afraid to go to play hyaluronic acid. I have to say that this photo is really a bit feminine, and this appearance is not in line with Xue Zhiqian's heart. In fact, Xue Zhiqian was able to take such a picture, not because Xue Zhiqian used any drugs on his face, but because of the lighting problems at the time, which also made Xue Zhiqian’s entire face look strange, but Li I’m going to send out such a photo, I’m afraid I didn’t think that everyone would have such a big reaction. I don’t know how such a bad friend would be, how would Xue Zhiqian feel?  Xue Zhiqian

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