Wu zhenyu talks about education, son once encountered violence

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   天游官网平台讯,For those families with children, I believe you most afraid of is their baby is a bully in the middle of the school, but in recent years frequent campus violence also let many parents when their children to school to become nervous, for fear that their children will inherit the same campus violence problem, actually we are not just ordinary families children will be affected by these problems, even star children can't escape the topic of campus violence. Recently, wu zhenyu talked about this issue in an interview, claiming that her son was once subjected to campus violence at school, and was often harassed by several children.

  He even came home to find many bruises on his face. Believe that for such a thing, no matter which parents will be very distressed, and the occurrence of such a thing is everyone is not willing to see. But if that happens, then you have to deal with it. Wu zhenyu in the face of this matter appears to have some calm, he hopes his child can brave to face such a thing, but wu zhenyu's wife gave advice is to let the child as soon as possible to escape from such a life, escape from such an environment. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the father wants his son to become stronger, but such questions are a heavy scar on the child's heart. And he can take this matter out to talk with you, I believe there is a certain solution to this matter, but still hope that we pay more attention to the life of children in school, have a better guide to their hearts.  Wu zhenyu

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