Huang Duoduo's voice is high

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   天游官网平台讯,A series of works in the legend of the swordsman have always been beyond everyone's mind. Each of them is a classic. However, recently, it has been reported that the first one will be remade and the characters will be re selected, which has aroused many netizens' comments. After all, as a classic, the risk of three child rollover is still great. In recent years, there have been many big IP works. After being remade, they hit the streets again and again. After all, the previous classic version has been compared. But netizens began to discuss who to choose. Some netizens said that the heroine Zhao ling'er should be played by Huang Duoduo. Huang Duoduo's beautiful appearance, and Yi's parents who are very good at acting, his acting skills should not be bad, after all, the gene is so good.

  And Huang Duoduo's mother once played the role of empress Nuwa. If her daughter could play this role again, it would be a surprise. Although Huang Duoduo has played in drama, he has never played in film and television works. If he can play in this work, the popularity and topic of TV series must be very high. All kinds of benefits are listed, so that many netizens say that Huang Duoduo is really suitable, so they don't know what the director thinks when remaking. After all, the discussion among netizens is heated, and the final choice of roles is not something we netizens can decide. We have to wait for the director and producer to decide the final choice. No matter who plays the role, it will be compared with Liu Yifei. I don't know which one will perform better. Who do you think is the most suitable one to play Zhao ling'er?  Huang Duoduo

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