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   天游官网平台讯,Since the broadcast of "I am an actor" program, it has attracted a lot of people's attention, and there are also many controversies. Just a while ago, Jinsha participated in the hot search of the program, but this hot search is not a good thing. Because of her poor performance in the program, Jinsha was bitterly criticized by Zhang Ziyi: "anyone can come to this industry for a share Have you got a cup of soup? Although Jinsha didn't issue a bid at the scene, it can be seen that his face is not very good. After all, Jinsha is also a popular singer, so it's not good to evaluate him on the stage. However, things did not end. Some people caught out the screenshots of Jinsha and their fans. In the screenshots, the judges also wanted to play, and even make complaints about the programs.

  After these screenshots came out, netizens exploded instantly. It turns out that there are so many inside stories in this program, and Jinsha is bold enough to say anything. Later, Kinsha's backup team will come forward to explain. Don't take it out of context, and don't over interpret Jinsha's words. It has to be said that Kinsha has been walking very hard in recent years. Although he is a very popular singer, his popularity is still many years ago. In recent years, he has no special songs to offer to you. If it wasn't for sister riding the wind and breaking the waves, you may have forgotten that there is such an excellent female singer in the circle, but there's nothing wrong with her transformation. Do you think Kinsha is suitable for acting?  Jin Sha

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