Repeatedly open against Liu Yan, Deng Chao people set collapse?

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   天游官网平台讯,It is well known that Deng Chao and Bao Baer are very good brothers in the entertainment industry, and the two love each other very well. Even though Deng Chao did not attend Bao Baer's wedding, it did not affect their love at all. It may also be because of Deng Chao and Bao Beier's brotherly affection can only be understood can not be spoken, leading to Deng Chao has repeatedly publicly against Liuyan. As a regular guest on Running Man, Deng has welcomed many temporary guests on the show, including Liu Yan, who has been there several times as a temporary guest. If you have seen The liuyan in the period, may find that whether in the game or program recording process, Deng Chao will intentionally or unintentionally aimed at Liuyan, looks particularly deliberate, as if to want revenge for brother Bao Beier, let Deng Chao in the hearts of netizens completely collapsed.

  Because of the package bell wedding event, a lot of people think That Liuyan is worthy of the name of the victim, after all, a good figure is not her fault, she did not wear too ostenteously at the wedding, but because the figure attracted attention, but also by the package bell verbal insult, do female friends look good is also a mistake? Since then, most people's comments on Liu Yan have been relatively negative, especially when Bao wenjing publicly accused Liu Yan of stealing her limelight and ruining her wedding, which turned all the public opinion on Liu Yan. But with the understanding of more and more people, people slowly know that the real victim is Liuyan, naturally to Bao Beier couple treated differently, may be therefore, Deng Chao will take the lead in the program against Liuyan for many times, this move caused the dissatisfaction of netizens, is usually a good man is false?  Deng chao

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