Zhang Xincheng film sidelights, are into the play

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   天游官网平台讯,I hope Zhang Xincheng must cherish his feathers and make a good play with a bottom line. The road will get wider and wider. Everyone's support and affirmation of Zhang Xincheng, I believe brother Ben will live up to expectations. Young people or step by step, compared to his pompous affectation and greasy acting, more appreciative people or like sincere natural and delicate Ling Xiao acting. Actors, after all, speak for their work. I feel like Ben could be a real force one day. Being too popular isn't necessarily good for actors who want to focus on acting. I used to love Lin Yang when I was watching the old days, which is really the sun in my heart. I think he is in the play even in the film sidelined, but I have seen a group of yuan Zhongxin on the set of refined photos, the look is completely different. I feel that he is saying: Yuan Zhongxin is the performance, and I am Zhang Xincheng. Really a heart attack, the kind of Chinese charm inside collect, streamer hidden person.

  It's really worth getting to know and then laying the bottom of the pit flat. Zhang xin cheng plays the role of Yuan Zhongxin very well and the character of Yuan Zhongxin is really attractive. There was a period of time when I really expected him to fire, but it was better to walk steadily because the tree was too tall to catch the wind. Anyway, I was young, and after ten years, I would be more accomplished. Make a good show. Be a good actor. He has his own pursuit, can maintain a beginner's mind in the noisy entertainment industry, that is enough. He has a gift for acting, plus he's smart and he's a quick learner. I love Lin Yang, and I love the whole old times, both in the book and the TV series. Accumulated, not how solid fire, easy to drift, it is difficult to study acting, business ability progress is small, setbacks and then transformation may be more difficult, so some people did not red.  Zhang Xincheng

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