Jackson Yee was versatile and unusual

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   天游官网平台讯,Jackson is always different, and the other players also have bright contrast, made their debut at an early age, this team only powder, black is often the case, be scold, he is accustomed to, at an early age to bear, this is probably his surface composed of inner wild reason, should not bear all, at this stage don't usually go to school. Working outside, coupled with his personality, he must not have many friends, those tired, pain, are carried over by themselves, he also talked about on the program, very painful, you look at some people bright on the stage, but you can not see them quietly pay in the stage. The dancing stick. He learned it at an early age.

  His acting is good, is his real performance, real was beaten, shot out; Versatility, he took the time to hone. And he doesn't work behind his back, which is probably why I like him. I think I am a little similar to him in character, sometimes it bothers me, because I have never been a gregarious person, I seldom talk in a strange environment, I like to do things by myself without being disturbed, of course, I have become, try to, and people around me, look familiar. Thousands of topaz is very rare I find a public view, also almost introverted personality, he would take it expressed that oneself is an introvert, and I am a little afraid to face, feeling, I this input by oneself, will encourage myself, live happier a little old, didn't have the energy to do something more young children make track for a star, so can only guarantee to see thousands of seal went to see, Finally hope and qianxi together, slowly grow up.  Jackson Yee

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