"Black Panther" compete for Oscar

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   天游官网平台讯,News according to Taiwan media reports, that marvel studios brought African superhero movie in this year. “Black Panther” not only widely acclaimed, broking many box office records, but also brings many important issues of culture. Like most people expected, it seems that Disney pictures and Marvel Studios are preparing to put this movie to Oscar. According to a report in the Losangeles times, Disney pictures has hired Oscar strategy expert Sinhiya Schwartz to operate Oscar's campaign, as well as Marvel studios chairman Kevin Fegi invested heavily prize season budget for the decision. Marvel Studios have never made such promise for a movie in the past.But there is a worth mentioning that the academy has just recently added an award "the most popular film award". Although the academy has not indicated any definite relevant measures, but most of them think that this award is estabilished for movies that have box office with reputationto such as “Blake Panther”. But in no case will change Disney’s plan that send "Black Panther" compete for best film.

  Before that, Kevin Fegi, interviewed by media, revealed that the "Black Panther" Oscar campaign strategy will focus on the film in the creative achievements, as well as the impact of the global influence. This is a will driven by the original movie superhero movies, and has the qualifications to vote the Academy members of communication. Because this movie also has a profound impact for minority of those person in the Hollywood film history. "Black Panther" was been directed by Ryan Kugler, who had been directed "Fruitvale Station", “Creed”. The movie won one $1.3 billion box office in the world, and is currently the highest grossing film in North American Superhero movie. Black Panther

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