"Ant Man 2" breaked 300 million at the box office

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   天游官网平台讯,On August 25, according to the special funds of the national film office data, Hollywood movie "ant Man 2: female wasp" that released only two days, has reached 320 million in the box office, as of 25 evening 23:00, becoming a single day box office champion. At the same time, the film also has good reputation with 7.6 of watercress score and 88% freshness on rotten tomatoes.

  "Ant Man 2: female wasps" is the first comedy romance in Marvel Series. Two super hero "couple" jointly attack. Conflict and cool humor make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks intense action hit drama. The film made audiences laugh continuously. “Hollywood reporter”praised that this is the most funny Marvel movie in ten years". The main line of the film follows the lead, revolving around the quantum field to save the early hornet woman Janet (Hope's mother). Hope Hank and Ant man cooperate to carry out a secret rescue plan to enter the quantum field; and mysterious villain Ghost are deliberately stealing and making a lot of trouble.on 25th, Wanda cinema held a special field of media viewing activities in Ying atlas studios Dolby cinema hall in Beijing, and a lot of audience approved the film. For example, as the first marvel heroine to appear in the title of the film, Hope Hornet, is netter than a man, and her action shows are very beautiful. It is worth to mention that "ant Man 2" have two eggs, one linking with "multiple 3" directly, the other linking with “Captain America 3”.At present, "ant Man 2: female wasps" has been officially landed in Wanda cinema.

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